About Us

An abundance of choices can be a blessing — and a curse. When you’re searching for a product to buy, the sheer number of options can be paralyzing. It can result in purchasing the wrong product for your needs, or even forgoing the purchase altogether. We know how you feel… and we have a solution.

It all started when I was preparing for a backpacking trip in Central America. I needed a camera that would capture my adventure, but the shopping process was daunting. There were literally thousands of options to choose from. How many megapixels do I need? What’s the best aperture? Is shutter speed important? I had no idea. It took weeks of research and studying before I finally decided on the camera that was right for me.

Not long after, my friends started coming to me for advice about camera shopping — even friends of friends, and friends of theirs. My reputation as “The Camera Wizard” was spreading fast. I would ask a few precise questions about their particular needs, then out popped my suggestion.

Through this process of helping others choose cameras, I realized that the technical specs of the camera weren’t important. What really mattered was how you intended to use the product. By asking just the right questions, I could quickly and easily help find the perfect product for each person.

As a computer science and algorithms geek, I gathered a few friends and we spent our free time creating a tool that automates and personalizes this selection process into an app. This is a Wizard app that gets right to the point: What’s the best product for YOU? It asks a few questions, and your individual answers help it select the product that perfectly suits your needs.

For now we offer only advice for European users but hopefully as we grow we will expand to other parts of the globe.